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Our goal is to tell as many people as possible about a fantastic way to work from home without being scammed, without paying memberships and without ongoing fees.


To do this we need people like you to help us.


What you will be offering is information on the little known job of sending emails.  All around the world there are companies desperate to have their products and services promoted and to pay for this service. We have developed a training package that provides all the information required to do this work. The training package is comprehensive, easy to follow and best of all inexpensive.


We believe the world should know about this work because it is so easy to do and provides people with a lifestyle option.


But to share this information with the world we need you to promote it for us. So we will pay you 50% of the training package price for every sale.


Many of our representatives make $100/day for as little as 30 minutes work a day. Could you do with $100/day?


Hi, My name is Katherine Quirke and I own a number of businesses in Australia.


Many years of experience has shown me that many people are being ripped off and not being given the truth about what they can do to use the internet to increase their income. That is why I have produced a training package that shows people they can use the internet legitimately and easily to create an income without any capital outlay.


I am very transparent so have a look at my company website and my main business website. You will see I am very real and very passionate about people being ripped off.


The more people who know about this amazing method of making an income online the better. So please join me in sharing the information and I will pay you. Just click here here to get started.


I wish you all the best and thank you for spreading the word.


Katherine Quirke





We will pay you to spread the word on the worlds number one internet job. You can do this work part time. So there is no need to stop doing any other job you may have - this makes an excellent additional income for you.


We need people to spread the word globally so this job offer is open to everybody no matter where you are in the world! We need you to help us share this very important information. In fact you can do this job when you are travelling - there are no limits!


You can earn within hours of starting to promote - just use our tools and you are off and earning.



Here is a summary of what you receive: 


Free promotional tools

No sign up charges - we pay you

Monthly payment of every training package sold

Free individual link to website

Our professional business backing at all times

Freedom to promote and market this exclusive training anyway you choose (please refer to our terms and conditions)






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